Top 5 Pellet BBQ Smokers in the market for 2019

There are numerous ways to smoke your food, from large electric smokers and small stovetop smokers to pellet grills and smokers. Even if the pellet smokers aren’t too much well known these days, but they are becoming famous due to their ease of use and versatility.

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Home Grillers love the features of this absolutely amazing pellet grill. The LED display allows you to monitor not only the internal temperature of your food with stainless steel probe but also the internal temperature of the grill with the help of integrated thermometer in order to make sure that your meal always meets your expectations.

The cooking area of 875 square inches will provide plenty of space for slabs of bacon, racks of ribs and enough chicken to feed everyone at home. This grill precisely controls the temperature so that temperature fluctuations won’t ruin your food.

Trail Embers Pellet Smoker and Grill

Trail Embers Pellet Smoker is one of the best pellet smoker allows you to attain your desired temperature range from 18 to 450 degrees just by turning a dial. The grill will maintain the temperature about 20+/- as per the selected temperature for better cooking. A spigot drains the grease into a cup so it won’t accumulate at the bottom of the grill/ The lid is stainless, and the grill body is coated with steel.

The main cooking rack has 513 square inches of area in addition with 187 square inches area of warming/smoking racks so you can have plenty of space for grilling chops, steaks, vegetables, and ribs to feed to feed a crowd

Green Mountain Davy Crockett WI-FI Pellet Electric Grill

Tailgating helps you to control the grill using your Android or Apple Smartphone and monitor the cooking process without wasting much of your time around the pellet. This pellet smoker not only helps you to set a timer, receive a push notification about the status of your food but, also allows you to remotely control the grill temperature.

REC TEC Bull [RT 700]

RT 700 is a high-end Wi-Fi enabled portable pellet grill and smoker that is relatively new on the market, but due to its insanely good capabilities, it has quickly established itself as a top option for every gourmand who appreciates a delicious food. The RT 700 boasts a handsome looking modular construction that consists of a 40 pound stainless steel hopper lid that doubles itself as a warming surface with the intention to keep your food warm. Stainless steel cooking chamber comes with four straight legs and wheels, PID controller and dual meat-probes that will help you to monitor two cooks simultaneously without having to use a separate digital probe thermometer. RT-700 comes with a 702 square inch cooking crate that is spacious enough to accommodate enough like six slabs of ribs, but you also have an option to get a second optional cooking shake that will add about 352 square inches of space. So, in total, you would have 1054 square inches of cooking space which makes this unit ideal for professionals…….. Read more:

Z Grills [ZPG-700D]

ZPG-700D provides a durable construction which is relatively affordable and a high-end performance that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. This model offers a stainless steel construction that is highly resistant to corrosion which by default makes this unit suitable for years of usage, exactly as professionals would like. At the bottom, there are durable wheels which will keep this unit stay in place by providing you with a higher level of mobility since you can move and store it wherever you want. At the bottom, there is enough storage space to store pellets and BBQ tools. The upper part is basically a warming rack that measures 187 square inches in size where below there is the main grill rack that measures 513 square inches. The neatly placed hook on the left will keep all the accessories close to you while on the left you can see the digital Auto temperature panel that has an LED readout…..

By Nancy DuPont

Rob and Nancy DuPont have been in the restaurant industry a combined 50+ years, serving in a variety of capacities. Although this is our first venture in Quick Service food, we also own a successful fine dining restaurant in Mundelein, IL.

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