Best FVP Drones Part 4 – Buying Guide

Buying Guide for the FPV Drones

You are bound to have a difficult time choosing the right FPV drone if you are new to drone flying.  There are several types of FPV drones currently available in the market making it even more difficult for beginners to choose the best drone type. However, this guide offers you with some of the important factors you should consider whenever you are shopping for an FPV Drone.


Level of Experience


The cheaper drones are known to lack essential features that make their operation easy. This means the cheaper drones does not fit flyers who are not experienced in drone flying. In case you are not sure about your capability in operating cheaper drones, it is essential that you go for drones that have auto take off and headless mode features. Going for a drone with autolanding capability will make it easier land your drone back to the ground safely.  It is important that any drone buyer looks at such aspects whenever they are shopping for one.



Type of Environment the Drone will be used


Before purchasing a new drone, it is highly recommended that you first consider where you are planning to fly the drone. In case you are using it outdoors, it will be much better if you go for a much stable drone which should be larger. Smaller drones are better used indoors and work better outside when it is not windy.  There is quadcopter manufactures that go to an extra mile and provide details on wind strength. In case you are not sure on the type to go for, it is advisable that you go for a drone that can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Type of Material Used


No one would like to throw their drones away a few weeks after purchasing them. It is therefore advisable for any buyer to consider the type of material used in making the drone.  For instance, most of the cheaper drones are made from ABS and ordinary plastics. In case you are on a tight budget, it would be of preference if you go for drones with higher quality plastics. Carbon and Fiberglass drones are more durable due to the stronger materials used in making them.  However, when shopping for expensive drones, it is advisable that you avoid the drones made from aluminum since they tend to lower their quality.


Replacement Parts Availability


At some point, your drone is bound to get damaged or break. It is important that you buy a drone with readily available replacement parts.  When shopping for a drone, take your time and check if the manufacturer sells the drone’s spare parts.  You can also carry out an online search for retailers who might be having the drone’s spare parts.  Some of the drone’s important parts that you should ask if there are replacement parts include batteries, controllers, propellers, motors and landing gear. Some drones do not use universal parts; this can cause a bigger challenge in case you need to do some repairs.


Flying time


 Some drones can fly for four to five minutes.  Such drones will not provide flyers with enough time to accomplish their goals or have fun. Some of the best drones in the market can fly for 15-25 minutes. However, such drones are known to cost more. Some manufacturers will offer their buyers with extra batteries to change in between the flights making their flying longer. Apart from the flying time, it is better for one to go for a device that takes a shorter time to get fully charged.


Purpose of the Drone


Drone market has expanded considerably in the recent past. It has encouraged the development of devices that are meant for a specific task.  For example, one can go for a drone specifically meant for surveillance, photography or acrobatics. The various types of drones are specifically optimized for particular purposes.  For instance, in case you are in need of a drone for your photography, it would be better if you consider going for one that consists of an HD camera with excellent video and image resolution.


Device Range


When shopping for a drone, it is advisable that you consider the range in which you will want to control the drone. This is important for individuals who intend to use their drones for photography. Aerial videos and photos need to be taken for higher altitudes. However, most drones are known to have 30 meters range which is never enough for aerial photography. You will have to part with more to get drones with long ranges.


Live Feed


Most people are known to prefer watching a live feed of their drones from above.  Such drone’s cameras are positioned at the lower part. The captured video is transmitted real-time to the LCD controllers display.  It is possible to watch the captured videos directly on your tablets or mobile phones. However, you will have to download an application that will connect you to the drone’s camera.  Such devices are known to offer any person with greater convenience since you will not have to transfer the videos to your PC, tablet or mobile phone.




Most of the drones meant for recreational use are known to be more affordable. It is possible to get an excellent drone below 100 dollars. However, most buyers are advised to avoid going for cheap drones especially the ones made from low quality plastics. The reason behind this is that the repair cost will, in the long run, increase your total investments.


Commercial drones are known to cost much higher and one will also need to get a license to operate them at an extra cost. It is important for any person to go for a drone whose total investment will never go beyond their initial budget.




 What is FPV on a drone?


FPV is an abbreviation of First Person View. This means that there are drones which will allow one to pilot their drone via the FPV.  Instead of having to look up in the sky and flying your drone based on how you are seeing it while in the ground, you will be flying the drone based on what you are seeing through the live broadcast of what is being filmed on the camera of your mobile device or tablet.  There are several benefits associated with flying your drone on FPV mode such as it enables the flyer to get a better orientation concerning the drone including easier time in getting great shots for the camera, smoother flying and the feel of flying.


How does an FPV work?


A basic First Person View set up comprises of an on board camera that is mounted on a vehicle. It is then connected to a small transmitter which is mounted. The transmitter which is running on a 5.8 GHz frequency thereafter sends signal to a receiver which is connected to a viewing device such as the FPV goggles or a portable monitor.  However, the range between the receiver and the transmitter varies depending on the amount of power that is emitted from the transmitter and any type of obstructions which might disrupt the signal. There are certain cases where you might be forced to add accessories like sophisticated antennas to assist in helping you get high range and clarity.


One can consider using an alternative FPV set up that will use Wi-Fi instead of sending signals using the 5.8 GHz transmitter. However, the range of using Wi-Fi is limited although it offers convenience of using either a tablet or a Smartphone.

What is an FPV headset?

 First Person View headset are known to provide one with the most rewarding and immersive FPV experience.  It helps in removing all the external distractions and places on the pilot seat.  For sure, it is one of the things any person can experience to believe. The FPV are the way to go whether you are taking stunning photos and pictures from above or racing quad at higher speeds. It is made up of the FPV goggles which either have one or two screens depending on the type you are using. The goggles will be displaying live video from aircrafts camera. It makes it possible for the flyer controlling the drone to see what the quadcopter is seeing.


Which is the best drone to purchase? This will depend entirely on what you want do with it!  Ranging from learning to flying to capturing great aerial videos or getting one as a gift for your friend, the best drone will vary explaining why I have come up with a list of seven drones. This review together with its guide was created to help both first time and experienced buyers make the right choice by providing a list of the best drones, their features, pros and cons. We hope you have enjoyed going through reviews of the world’s best drones.

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