Best FVP Drones Part 3

6.                Holy Stone F181W- BEST


Are you looking for the best drone to help you learn how to fly, practice new skills to a ready to fly starter drone? Then the Holy Stone F181W should, without doubt, be your best pick.

The Holy Stone F181W comprises of 3.7 V 750 mAh battery which ensures the drone is up and running for a minimum of eight minutes. However, if the drone’s camera is switched on or if the drone will be performing several rolls or evasions, it tends to run out of juice faster.

 As far as the camera capabilities are, the Holy Stone F181W comprises two-megapixel CMOS imaging sensor which is capable of shooting and recording pictures in HD quality. The imaging sensor of this drone also features an autofocus capability which reduces the possibilities of the images coming out shaky.


It is also capable of performing 360 degrees flips by a press of a button and 4-way flips. It also comprises of the return home feature and has six-axis gyro stabilization systems. Its controller is compact and sleek and fits into the palm of the hands without causing any problem.  Despite lacking the special anti-slipping materials,   no one will encounter any problems with the drone’s controller.  The remote control of this drone is divided into two parts, the upper part which is occupied by a small screen tasked with relaying real time in flight details such as thrust, altitude and inclination. There is a 360 flip button located on the left side while a video/ camera button is located on the right side.

 The Holy Stone F181W blade helps in offering extra protection whenever the drone crashes.


Photos and videos will always be stored in the default 2GB SD card that is included in the package. The 2SD card should be enough for all your needs. In case it is not, you can consider inserting SD card with more storage.  Holy Stone F181W comes with a controller that looks like Xbox joystick or a typical play station. Holding the controller is very comfortable since most people are familiar with the joysticks. However, before turning it on, you will have to insert a 4AA battery since batteries are not included in the original package.




  • Has a high-quality camera.
  • Easy and safety fly features.
  • The drone comes already assembled and ready to fly.
  • Comes with two batteries to help in doubling the flying time.




  • This drone is not in a position to handle anything that is stronger than a mild wind.
  • There are parts such as the camera which is delicate and its wires can easily get loose.
  • It heats up quickly hence one has to break after every 10-minute flight to avoid destroying the drone’s internal components.


7.                Holy Stone HS160 Shadow


Considered to be one of the best drones in the market under $100, the Holy Stone HS160 Shadow is capable of capturing high-quality videos and images at different angles. It has a unique and comfortable design.   It is not that big making it easier to carry. It is also flexible and foldable thanks to the fuselage and ABS plastic that made the drone compact and portable.  The size of this drone’s camera is palm-sized and the drone is quadcopter thereby preventing it or anything else from getting damaged or hurt.

The Holy Stone HS160 Shadow overall weight is approximately 3.8 ounces making it super light while the drone’s compact design made it resilient to crashes. It contains two LED lights at the front which act as light and help in identifying the camera whenever you are shooting at night. Its battery is attached at the bottom and the drone comprises on an altitude hold feature which makes it possible for its users to maintain and balance the height of the drone. It also makes it possible for its users to focus on the horizontal moments that ensure high-quality pictures are taken.


Holy Stone HS160 Shadow consists of the FPV mode which helps in streaming 20p full HD video to the users’ Smartphone making it possible for one to operate the drone via an application installed on their Android or iOS mobile devices after connecting them to Wi-Fi. This provides the drone users with the transmission of real-time images without any delay or lag. Shooting and viewing images and videos using the Holy Stone HS160 Shadow drone is easy.  It also comprises of FPV 720P HD camera tasked with taking aerial videos and photos with the quality of the videos and images being full HD which is not bad or not that great.

The drone also comes with a 3.7 volt 500 mAh battery with a charging time of around 100 minutes. Its flight time is around 8-9 minutes which is not the best when you consider at the drone’s price range. However, the Holystone firm provides an extra battery just like the other products.

One can easily enjoy flying the drone by watching the drone on their Smartphone.  You will have to use a remote controller to operate your Holy Stone HS160. Its remote controller is not that big and you can always get a space for it on your backpack.




  • Comes with a 720P full HD camera.
  • Its batteries are durable.
  • The drone is highly responsive.
  • Controlling the drone is easier and has several single touch options.
  • Smooth learning and great handling curve.
  • The company behind the manufacture of this drone has great aftermarket curve.
  • The design of this drone made it more resilient to crashes.




  • Has a long recharging time.
  • Shorter flight time.
  • Wi-Fi and Flight range is limited.
  • The battery has a shorter life.

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