Best FVP Drones Part 2 and Offet Smoker Link

3.                LBLA FPV Drone


The LBLA FPV Drone is among the quadcopters that have become more popular among most of the first time flyers and beginners. This drone features two great color combinations: green and black. The color combination offers it with the attention that is capable of grabbing any audience whenever it is being flown around. Exposed motors are one great design that the LBLA FPV Drone features. The drone makes use of coreless motors that offer the drone with speed and power to navigate on air. Its camera is located underneath and can be adjusted manually. Its landing pads can easily be removed or added at the users’ preference.


The LBLA FPV Drone features three modes of speeds that make it possible for the first time flyers and beginners to learn how to fly. On default, this drone will always be flying at its slowest setting. This makes it possible for the starters to learn basic controls. As one hones his skills, they will increase the speed mode gradually to challenge themselves. This drone is considered to be very responsive to control and comes with a limited control range of approximately 50 meters.  The ability to splash in water is one feature that the LBLA FPV Drone has compared to other drones which do not have it. The best offset smoker or best seller.


This drone also comes with an automatic take-off and landing tool which makes the entire flight operation easier to do. It also has an automatic return to home function.  One needs to check if the return flight path is clear before they can activate the return to the home button.

In case you are planning to fly the LBLA FPV Drone near water and splash on it, it is possible to do so thanks to its water resistant body. It is one of the best performance and feature one can get if he or she plans of enjoying the full true nature.


This drone also features beginner friendly function such as the headless mode and the altitude hold function. Although it is easier for one to understand the altitude hold function, the headless mode is a completely unique feature that makes the drone easy to control.


This drone’s LED lights are situated on each arms of the motor serving as visual positioning system. It is an important feature for the daytime and night time flight operations.





  • The drone is compatible with the 3D VR headset.
  • It is a perfect drone for starters.
  • Has Wi-Fi pairing with Smartphone’s.



  • Its camera is of poor quality.
  • Its battery is not that impressive.
  • Has limited control range and few features.


4.                Potensic T25 Drone


Potensic T25 Drone is considered to be an excellent purchase for any person who is interested in owning a high-quality drone. Flying without spending a fortune is simple with the drone. It consists of advanced features which operate well without any hitches. Its camera is of high quality and captures great aerial videos and photos. It is well engineered and structured to help it withstand any crashes. Any pilot is it a beginner or an experienced fellow will fall in love with this quadcopter thanks to its several features that are ideal for any beginner, intermediate and experienced fliers. It is also a relatively cheaper drone.


The Potensic T25 Drone is available in the compact size and weighs a kilogram barely when it is loaded with the camera. Its small size makes it perfect for flying indoors where it is not spacious. One can easily pack it into the backpack to help them travel thanks easily to its compact size. It is also fitted with the 1080 HD camera which is known for shooting excellent videos and photos. Its camera also has a wide view thanks to its adjustable angle of up to 90 degrees. It also comprises of a removable battery of 7.4V 1000mAH which is rechargeable and well equipped with an energy-optimized system which helps in improving flight experience.

7.4V 1000mAH several features makes flying it interesting. It is perfect for starters since it is easy to fly and anyone can use it without any prior orientation or experience. It also comes with a single button for taking off and landing.

This drone has image transmission and storage feature responsible for offering better quality still videos and shots. It is advisable for one to channel all the videos and shots in SD card when shooting. There is always an SD slot for the card.   This drone also have First Person View feature that enables one to see exactly what the drone is seeing at that real time.


There are several drone features contained in this drone that ensures one never lose their drone when on flight. It comprises of a GPS tracking technology which makes it possible for one to strategically position their drones to prevent any type of loss.

It has an easy to operate controller since it’s easy to understand the buttons and press.




  • Using this drone is very easy.
  • Has a GPS Follow Me included.
  • Has an excellent battery life of 15 minutes.
  • It is possible to tilt its camera.



  • There is lack of stability in the video shots.



5.                Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100


The Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 is worth having for both the beginners and advanced users.  This drone comes with great features such as the Return to Home that makes it possible for one to turn and get back home whenever the battery runs low. Compared to the other types of drone, Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 costs a bit lower and comes with a longer flight time together with other greater features.


Its FOV 120 degrees camera is the site at an angle making it possible to capture widest views for videos and images. This camera does have a wider angle of 120 degrees.  It also comprises a Follow Me Mode which makes it possible to make the drone follow you when you have a GPS on your phone. In case you will be in need of your hands to be free of other things, it is possible to set the drone to follow you without having to worry about it losing you.


The GPS assisted flight in this drone helps in ensuring the safety of the drone is assured all the time. One will be in a position to tell the location of the drone and whenever the battery gets low, the drone will automatically return home thanks to its return to home feature. In case the contact breaks and one loses signal, the Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 will return home by itself.


Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 has a flight time of between 12 and 15 minutes. It is possible to increase the flight time tremendously. One of this drone’s batteries has been rated for a flight time of over 300 minutes. This will ensure you have lots of flight time with two or three batteries.  The Li-ion battery can take up to three and six hours to charge.


The fly in headless mode refers to when you are flying the Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 for kicks without having any purpose in mind. For instance, you will just be flying the drone to take random pictures. When in this mode, whenever you push the throttle forward, it will always operate in the forward direction and vice versa.

The one key take offs refers to the extra feature which was added to this drone to make the one button takeoff possible. This feature makes it possible for one to keep their hands free whenever they are flying this drone.




  • It is possible for the user to control through iOS and Android.
  • Its camera has a 720p HD FPV.
  • Consists of an Altitude hold.




  • There are times when the drone’s rotor armature might become fragile.
  • Its 2.4 GHz channel control can at times attract some form of interference.

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